Me and mine

I am a mum with three beautiful kids, a girl and two boys, married in school studying to gain a masters in Education and a substitute teacher as well. I have such a great and happy life and lots of turnarounds but I can’t complain.

I live in the US coming from Sierra Leone and seeing the  differences in my life and what I have seen, I would like to share some of these to you all.

This is my life and every detail will tell you my thoughts, my mind, my experiences and what my daily activities would normally look like.

I am the eldest in my family with a brother and sister whom all live in the US in different states from me. I lived in the UK for some years(I will tell you all about it later and how I ended up being married right now).

My parent live in Sierra Leone and my dad is a pastor and a civil servant and my mum is a teacher.

There is a lot more that I would like to tell you but first please like my page leave a comment and I would definitely reply to you.

Thanks for reading👏👏👏👏👏

Please like my page as this would encourage me to write more.





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