“My two cents”

I sometimes wonder how or why when two people have a conversation(whether good/bad) about person a person, then one person goes and reports to the other party who was not present during this conversation.

For the purpose of this conversation I would call them persons A, B,C respectively.  Person A and B talk about person C ,but person A goes ahead and explain to Person C what was discussed. Person  C gets mad at Person B,and doesn’t really talk to you anymore only becuase of what someone else said, even though they are just getting one side of the story.

Is it right for person C to be mad at person B when you dont know what person A said  in the conversation about you? You have only heard what one person has to say, What about what they all said during this conversation? Remember there are two sides to a story and in the middle is the truth.

In my opinion , I would first like to know what brought the conversation up in the first place and if you really like me and want me to know  about what was said why didnt you stop it there and then instead of waiting for everytihng to have been said before coming back to me.

People who are always in the middle are those that we should shy away from because they would encourage a conversation with you and then go behind your back and talk about what you said forgetting about what they said.

Have you ever been in a situation like this? Please  tell me your story and lets talk about it below.


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Just my thought.

Love u all and thanks


3 thoughts on ““My two cents”

  1. I’ve been in this situation one too many times. Out of all those times, I’m person A that people hate or dislike for no reason based off what person B said to person C. This is a reason why I don’t trust people and don’t have very many friends. In fact, I recently experienced this with a mutual breakup. If you’re looking to read someone’s personal experience, check out my new blog I posted today. 🙂 I encourage you to keep writing because I enjoy connecting with people who have had similar experiences like me and are willing to share their stories with me. 🙂


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