Joys of Motherhood

img_5246My babies!!!!!

“(24/7) Once you sign up to be a mother, thats the only shift they offer”-Jodi Picoult My sister’s Keeper


One of my best achievements in life are my three beautiful kids. They are a blessing in my life and I would not trade  moments with them for anything else in this life.

I  would like to know if anyone out there relates to some of these things that happen to me as a mother. I am a student, work full time and a full time mum, living with my husband. I applaud single mothers, i don’t know how you all do it by yourselves because  even as a mother who shares responsibility with my husband, its a little bit tough. We cannot change the cards we are dealt, so I applaud all you wonderful single mums/dads out there, kudos to you,I take my hat out to you all.

I get off work, pick my boys up as my husband looks after them when am at work, and then drops them off to family members where I get to pick them up. They are both 1 and 3 respectively. When I pick them up from work, I am already so tired that my mind starts telling me “Hadie, you ve had a long day today so you need to get home and relax”. I will get home and hoping my babies will  let me be for maybe an hour. Hmmm, what a dream, because the moment I get home my life starts all over again. My 1 year old would be crying, am trying to take care of him, feed him, change him, then my 3 yr. old would start calling for my attention because in his little mind I guess he is saying i need my mummy too. And I would ask him what do you want? By this time I am thinking, do they not know that I need a little break? “I want juice now”! He does know how to get himself a drink, but for some reason mummy has to do it for him. I would keep my calm because I know he is trying to argue with me, going back and forth as at this age, he has just found his voice so he talks a lot more than before. I would say baby please ask nicely and without any prompt to “ask nicely” he would say with his little cute voice Mummy, Can I please have juice?” I say to myself he knows how to ask politely but why does he start with the command? He just likes it when mummy talks a lot.Oh well i can’t win every battle so i will let it go, get him a drink and think well this is it,he is going to watch a movie in his room. Nope! He comes back for different things every now and again.

Have you all noticed that for some reason when you are on the phone and your child notices this moment, he seems to ask for more things than usual as if he is trying to say “Get off the phone woman” This happens to me almost everyday of my life and i will tell him over and over again, “baby mummy is on the phone, but it just falls on deaf ears.  Its mummy this, mummy that,or  baby crying or fighting with his brother for his tablet.I end up not able to do one single homework or relaxing. By the time they fall asleep, I get too tired and am sleeping on the couch, till my husband gets home which is a little before midnight. Sometimes if they are not asleep at this time, he helps me out with them. I appreciate him for this because he would just be becoming off from work himself but i know he understands and i appreciate him for this.

My 3 yr old talks a lot but he makes me laugh a lot and i cherish these little banters between us. These are some of our conversations:

CJ: Mummy i need my pants please?

Mummy: No you are not wearing any pants today

CJ: Am mad at you mummy.

Mummy: Why baby, what did I do?

CJ: because  you said I can’t get my pants.  You are not being nice to me. . He is so funny.

He is also caring when he sees me cry over some TV show that am watching(am a soppy mum, cry for anything or everything on Tv-Dont’t judge😜),he would ask me mummy why are you crying?  Nothing baby the show is just making me cry. He would still say “Sorry mummy”!

Are these experiences an all mum experience, or is it just me? ‘Time for youself’ as a mother is a thing of the past and so now i just dream about it and cherish the moments i have with them. My friends tell me “You don’t want them to grow up too fast on you because you would miss these moments “, well i already miss the moments when they were babies and had nothing to say back to me:)

My everyday life is lived by these phrases, don’t do that! Stop it!  but you know what I cannot imagine my life without them.

With all these being said, are you a mother who experience these moments with your kids or just tell me how your day to day live works with your kids.

Leave a comment and let’s talk about it.

This is for us all the beautiful mums, and the wonderful dads who hold it down for their kids, we all do a great job and much love to us all.


3 thoughts on “Joys of Motherhood

  1. Been a mom is priceless. ” I want it now,Buy me gum,Goofy wet kisses, and Endless hugs. Call you mom 20 times in less then a second. Those moment i will forever cherish. Nice one dear.

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  2. Yep it’s a full time job, but we thank God for them, we are happy when they leave the house, but in space of 5min we are already missing them. Life of a mother🙏🙌💪😍


    1. Life of a mother indeed. We love them unconditionally. We can’t live without them and we can’t live with them. 😃 God wanted it this way. Mouthy kids and all the perks. We did it to our parents and they do it to us. Joys of motherhood indeed. ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Thks for your comment dear. Appreciate it.


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